Restoration FAQs

What do we do as a restoration shop?

We’re frequently asked here at the shop what all we can do.​ Can you paint? Can you do metal work? What about upholstery? The answer is we can do it all. If we can’t, we know someone who can. We have a team of experienced bodymen, mechanics, and a painter. We work closely with local machinists, upholsterers, and other sources that help make our jobs a little easier. Every person on our team has decades of experience working on cars. In today’s day and age, it’s hard to find a automotive business that will actually work with you, hear your ideas, and put in the time it takes for a quality restoration. At R&R, we’re proud to say that our customer’s happiness and satisfaction is our top priority. We know how important your vehicle is to you. So whether it’s a complete restoration, a paint job, or an engine tune-up, we have you covered.


Do you sell vehicles?

Yes! R&R has our own restoration projects that we do along with our customer vehicles. Our most recent completed project was a 1974 Plymouth Duster. Check our our Gallery page for photos!

Our next projects are a 1970 Dart, 1970 Nova, and a 1966 Chevelle SS. See our ‘Current Projects’ page for photos and updates of each project. Projects are for sale to the public upon their completion.


 How long does a restoration take to complete?

Because every car is in a different condition, the time it takes to restore a car varies. Rust damage, part attainability, overall vehicle condition, and the customer’s goal can all affect how long a restoration takes. If you have a vehicle you’d like restored, please call or stop by and speak to our restoration manager.

Consignments and Sales

Consignments are available on a car-by-car basis. We have limited display room on the lot, so we can only accept two or three at one time. Consignments include your vehicle being on display on our lot and/or online sales. We also offer vehicle inspections for those looking at online ads and would like confirmation of the vehicle condition.

We are an Oregon licensed dealer.

Oregon Dealer License #DA7188