Remember the days of cruising the gut? Coming home when the street lights came on? When air conditioning was rolling the windows down and driving fast? (Though we can help out with the A/C. It’s generally not a good excuse for testing those engine tune-ups, or so we’re told.) I think most of us can agree one of the main components of those memories were the cars. Picking up your date for prom in the car you worked all summer for. (It had a few rust spots and it “may” have quit running at every stop sign, but hey, it was yours!) The car your parents drove on family vacations. All of these memories preserved in a car. What seems like an old rust bucket to some people, could hold some of the greatest memories of your life. We know this, and that’s why we put so much passion, excitement, and dedication into our restoration work. Here at R&R, we encourage diving (or in our case, driving) back in to the glory days.

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Completed cars, cars under construction, and cars still in various shades of primer and rust. You name it, we have it. Take a look through the journey of restoration!

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We are now an authorized dealer of Dynacorn sheet metal, Omix-ADA Jeep parts, and Auto Metal Direct


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We sell a large variety of trailers made in Oregon by Great Northern, Fabform, and Continental Cargo. We’re your local source for utility trailers, flatbed trailers, dump trailers, enclosed trailers, and more!

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